Friday, 1 January 2010

here's one i made earlier

i made these two dresses yesterday, i suppose my last creative burst in 2009, and i’ve definitely wanted to make these two for ages now. the first is a old long-line tshirt cut short and a skirt added with pockets too, and the second is an old dress, which i only ever wore as a skirt (i wore it when i went to stourhead), turned into a dress by making a strapless tank top from some black tshirting.

i think i like the second one better, but i’ll blatantly wear both loads all year round. i’m looking forward to making lots more stuff this year, given that my first 2010 resolution is to make more of my own clothes. if you’ve got any secret sewing tips or hand stitching ideas, let me know. i’ve got a couple more items to repurpose in a similar way, including a 90’s floral dress, and a pretty green top, which will both end up as dresses i’m sure. perhaps tomorrow!?!

i’ll be sharing some of my fantastic blog inspiration shortly with you all…look out for it!

ps. i’ve been wearing my leather boots from the first picture loads lately, and when i went to the cinema to see 3D Avatar (which is AMAZING by the way) on Wednesday the two girls in front of me were also wearing similar ones! anyways, i still ♥♥♥ them.