Friday, 22 January 2010

gluten free pizza

this was another of the items on my 2010 recipes list: gluten free pizza.

i've wanted to make it for a while, because i was convinced that somewhere along the lines i would be able to eat more of it or something?! anyway, as it turns out, there's such a ridiculous quantity of carbohydrate in just one slice, that 4 slices are still WAY too much, and I had pizza fatigue as usual.

mind you, it was delicious, even though i should have stopped at 2 slices and put it back in the fridge. i need to try a buckwheat crust, which would have significantly less carbs in it. and i've found a recipe at (you guessed it) nutrition kitchen for a buckwheat pizza crust. the toppings we had were lovely, piled high with roasted red peppers, tomato, mushroom and pesto. and a small sprinkling of cheese...i must try some dairy free cheeses in the future too, as we are trying to reduce the amount of dairy we eat, significantly.

anyway, here is my first attempt at a healthier pizza:

i guess i'll just have to keep on going with the whole pizza idea until i acheive perfection, and i will persevere... it's my mums favorite food, so i'd like to eat pizza with her sometimes, that'd be nice.

for those of you that want to know what flour i used for the base: it was Doves Farm Gluten Free Bread Flour, and the recipe was on the side of the packet...which is now in the rubbish bin, oops. But it definitely had a lot of oil in it, and i think it was a hot milk mix. it was a pleasure to mix up by hand. i would make it again for like a picnic or something where i only eat 1 bit!

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