Friday, 22 January 2010

educating yourself

definitely one of the best things you can do to keep yourself healthy is to keep keep reading and rereading helpful books and health information.

i am a complete addict to reading about low GI foods and healthy diet related things, but unbelievably it's taken me a long long time to pick up the insulin pumping books my mum bought back when i first got my pump.

all those bits of paper are all the notes we took in the first few training sessions, which were pretty interesting to read in themselves. but i really wanted to retrain myself about basal rates, and there were lots of helpful things i can't believe didn't really sink in since i first learnt everything.

 - it takes 5 hours for all the insulin to be absorbed. i think this is just a changing of age thing...that it takes longer to absorb as you get older, but no-one has told me this really, so i haven't adjusted. instead, up until 2 days ago when i read the book, i would correct my level 2 hours after bolusing if it wasn't back to normal. now, i know that i should wait a bit longer and it should be back to normal before my next meal, and if it's the perfect level i'll know to have a little snack to keep me going to my next meal. when i was younger and my metabolism was faster i guess it would have gone in that quickly, but it certainly doesn't now.

 - there's all these phenomenons in the night and the afternoon. there are common basal types for diabetic, of which i fall into two categories: the night time high and the afternoon low. i have adjusted my basal rates accordingly now, but i hadn't fully appreciated that this was common and at what times of day i should edit my basal to account for this.

anyway, my levels are fast approaching normality thanks to this knowledge, and a drastic change in the way i handle things.

i've edited my basal rates throughout the day, so they are higher at night and lower in the middle of the day. plus i've stopped food grazing, and unnecessary snacking: if my levels are good then i ought to need a snack twice a day to keep them on the right track.

i've been checking my levels way more over the past week. havoc for my poor fingers, but great for my levels. and thanks to my 'diamedic' iPhone application I can really see where my sugar levels are going and keep tabs on them much better.

perhaps i'll look into getting a more recent insulin pumping book to keep myself 'in' on the latest news! any suggestions?