Thursday, 21 January 2010

breakfast brown rice pudding

i made some brown rice pudding yesterday evening, and saved half of it for breakfast this morning, and it really is rather yummy. i never thought it would be so creamy and gooey, but am very thankful to say it is. and for breakfast it tastes way better with some extra cinnamon and organic soya milk. and a side serving of fruit smoothie and green tea with lemon.

the recipe that i followed was from Fran's House of Ayurveda, and called Brown Rice Pudding, oddly enough! the things i changed were...i used vanilla rice milk instead of almond milk and i totally omitted the ghee. plus the recipe took much longer to cook than it stated in the recipe, it had to simmer for almost two hours until it finally went goopy. but, it was worth the wait, dairy free and low Gi, this rice pudding was delicious!

i have found another brown rice pudding recipe too which i might try. but they've definitely got too much carbs for anything other than breakfast i think. i'm going to the shops today to find some ingredients to make some more items on my 2010 recipes list!

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