Monday, 18 January 2010

baking with teff flour: lovegrass pancakes for breakfast

you must all know by now just how obsessed i am with pancakes for breakfast, i don't think there's any happier way to start the day. and if done right should not be a big messy time-consuming, unhealthy thing.

in fact, my healthy pancakes that i've made before are a saturday regular in this house, and occasionally a monday or thursday or sunday too!

but today i want to share something totally new to me, and hopefully to some of my lovely readers too. i stumbled upon an article the other day about new superfoods for 2010, and on it was this grain called teff (or lovegrass ♥). it caught me eye because it's low gi, gluten free and has an awesome nutrition profile! so, i went straight on to ebay and bought a 100g pack of brown teff flour from the spiceworks - highly recommended company as the delivery was super speedy - i also brought some hemp flour but haven't tried it yet.

the obvious way to try out a new type of flour, for me anyway it's pretty clear, is to make pancakes, as you can really tell the texture and flavour of the flour quite easily. plus they are simple to make, and not so much effort if it turns out that the flour is horrible.

well, i made scotch/american pancakes instead of my regular 3/4 size ones. i added 1 egg, 130ml organic soy milk, 100g brown teff flour, 1 heaped teaspoon baking powder and a drizzle of agave nectar (that was just fear that it wouldn't taste nice, so i thought it ought to have a tiny bit of something sweet just in case! so not necessary though). add them in that order to a measuring jug and keep stirring with every addition.

heat up a large based, non-stick frying pan to a medium-high heat, with some oil in - i used grapeseed oil which worked pretty well. make sure it's spread around the entire pan very well or else the pancakes will stick. cook three at a time, wait until they bubble and flip over.

the verdict:
 - YUMMY AND DELICIOUS! this is such a tasty flour, with some real depth of flavour, it's perfect for cold, wintry mornings. it would taste great with fruity toppings (honey fried apples,mmm), maple syrup or honey. add some spices or raisins to the mix for a scrumptious treat. my mum decided that some dark chocolate chips would really compliment the flavour, and that could be true, but we didn't have any in the cupboard yesterday...(ps. always add the choc chips after pouring the batter into the pan to ensure even distribution)

the teff flour got the thumbs up from mum, and so we'll be keeping it in the store cupboard from now on if we can find a cheap place to buy lots of it - seems to be a good option for UK customers. i've seen that waitrose sell teff flour mix, which is unfortunately mostly corn starch and only 30% refined teff plus loads of other unnecessary additions...i won't be buying that. i've yet to check out my local health food store, and the biggest supermarket near me to see if they have any.

there's also some tasty healthy pancake recipes to be found online...

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  1. I love teff AND pancakes. I must try your recipe soon as my first experiment with teff pancakes bombed.

    Yours look and sound yummy. Thanks so much for sharing and for leaving such a kind comment on my blog. :)

    Hope you're having a good day Alissa!


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