Monday, 11 January 2010

26 dresses

thanks so much for the amazing response to the last post about my favorite bloggers of the moment, i love when you guys leave messages, and I am super happy to share some of my new inspiration with you all. hopefully i'll get to doing posts like this regularly throughout the year as I'm always on the search for new inspiration, and blogs are most definitely the place for that!

so, on Saturday as well as buying a new coat for my sister in law in Laura Ashley - who always have an amazing sale with loads of vintage style - and going fabric shopping in my local town, i did a massive wardrobe overhaul. it was intense. but entirely necessary.

so saturday morning, i took everything out of my wardrobe and walloped it onto my living room sofa, got my mum to sit down with some very important homemade signs, 'take', 'toss' and 'get creative', and started to go through item by item.

it's an incredibly freeing process, but the sad thing is that most of what got thrown out was stuff that is super colorful, which is what i've had for the longest, what i wear most of the time and what gets dirty the quickest too. the sad thing is that the black bin bag ended up being filled with a beautiful rainbow assortment of colours, and my wardrobe is left helplessly dark in colour. so, straight onto ebay and topshop to get loads more basics to inject back color to my wardrobe.

the other thing is that the pile of get creative stuff is really big, and full of lots of brown things i'd like to dye dark purple or navy - which is far more interesting - and lots of things that are slightly broken or need a little hemming or adjusting.

there is a pretty large pile of things for charity too, just things i've not worn more than once, and a lot of things that never really fitted me properly.

anyway, i learnt a lot from the process:
  • that i should never buy something if it doesn't fit properly, i won't wear it, no matter how much i think i will
  • that i love coral, almost everything that i had worn to death was in that color, and now there's hardly anything coral left in my wardrobe (tear)
  • i love half length sleeves. again, so much of the stuff i had to throw out due to wear and tear had half length sleeves, and most were cardigans too. i think i must like them.
  • i reckon i'm pattern phobic, there was hardly any pattern in my wardrobe. this must be a sign that i need to get more creative and be a little braver; or perhaps i'm destined to wear simple block colours for the rest of my life...boring?
  • that last year's resolution to buy more dresses ended pretty well, with at least 26 dresses in my wardrobe, which is a pretty good percentage
  • that i don't wear exciting tops that often. there's still plenty of tops that don't get a lot of wear, that i've had for ages. i'm not sure why? i guess i just wear ribbed tanks all year round for layering, and it doesn't get much more exciting than that. i always swore i'd be a dresses person anyway.
  • i've got more jackets than i thought. awesome ♥
  • that i have no interesting tights or leggings - i guess when i'm limited on money i tend to buy boring, staple items, in sensible colors, which would now explain why i have several pairs of black leggings and a gazillion items in dark grey. i must must must try to be more creative, even though i have negative money.
  • that going through my wardrobe is a fantastic process, that i should definitely do at least twice a year, so i can focus my shopping correctly and sensibly
and here are my 12 tips for clearing out your closet, which i've done a yt video for as well, here:

 - 1. Do your clearout in December or June, before the sales.
 - 2. Do it in the morning, after a good breakfast. That way you have enough energy to go through all your items, and you can see them in good light.
 - 3. Have someone else there whose opinion you trust. Someone who sees fit rather than trend preferably.
 - 4. Get some awesome music on in the background, to keep the atmosphere fun and upbeat.
 - 5. Take time to have a snack and a cup of tea. Keep hydrated and energised as it can be quite draining.
 - 6. Make some excellent Toss/Take/Create signs, so it’s more fun.
 - 7. Go through each item individually and work out when you last wore it. If you haven’t worn it in a while, why not? Is it the colour, fit or style? Try it on.
 - 8. Be honest. If you love the style but it doesn’t fit right, give it to charity and find one that fits beautifully.
 - 9. Have a creative pile for things that need adjusting, dying, re-hemming or re-purposing.
 - 10. Write down a list of things you’ve thrown out from over-wear, that you want to replace, and then write a list of things you think would make your wardrobe more versatile.
 - 11. Have a full-length mirror close by so that you can see exactly what you look like in your clothes.
 - 12. Start with things that are on hangers, as these are often the hardest to decide on, the least worn and the most complicated to get in and out of.