Tuesday, 22 December 2009

vintage vogue

this christmas i've bought my sister in law the most awesome present, even if i do say so myself. this is actually one of the few people that isn't receiving a homemade gift. given she's been doing an amazing dressmaking course, i thought that a sewing pattern would be a great and very useful gift. but it's no ordinary pattern, it's vintage vogue!

i bought the pattern at the weekend in a craft store, when my mum and i went to chichester again, this time we saw The Snow Queen at the Festival Theatre, which was awesome! there was loads of fake snow, and the costumes were so so so amazing! Amy Jackson, the costume designer for the show created almost 140 individual costumes...all tailor made for each actor.

it made me want to:
  • buy a vintage dress coat pattern and make it up with cream wool fabric, and a bright coloured lining
  • find some incredibly sparkly flat oxfords
  • invest in a pair of incredibly quirky glasses
  • experiment with backcombing my hair
  • buy white tights
  • wear red leather lace up boots
  • paint my face blue
  • buy tulle underskirts.....
if you live in the south of the UK, it's definitely worth booking in to see the youth theatre christmas productions, it's such a fun day out! and you can get totally carried away in the craft shop too...