Monday, 2 November 2009

shopping in padstow & cornish beaches

i'm back! as you know, i've been in cornwall for the past week, and before that I was visiting my auntie/uncle/cousins near bath.

we went shopping in Bristol, and out to eat at Cosmo's (if you live locally, but have never tried it, do.), an all you can eat buffet. i didn't actually buy anything, but saw some gorgeous things in Zara, as always. i was on the lookout for the perfect pair of knee socks to wear with boots, but couldn't find any that I thought were a reasonable price...any suggestions?

we also went to Bath, to do a little shopping, but mainly to hit the spa there. so amazing, it's just the most relaxing thing EVER! then we came home a chilled, as none of us could move due to severe relaxation. we watched How to Marry a Millionaire. awesome movie, i especially love the scene with the mini fashion show!

then off to Cornwall...

we stayed in Bude, which is a pretty seaside town, with a few shops, and some nice beaches. did i tell you lately that i love this season's Fat Face collection?!

we went to Padstow on one of the days, and I thought i'd share with you my favorite stores:

Fusion - filled with unique brands, this is one of the only stores in Cornwall not filled with surfer gear.

The Summerhouse - i want my whole house to be filled with everything from this shop.

Buttermilk - fudgy snacks are very important, especially when you have so many flavours to choose from.

Custard - this delicious restaurant is the most awesome place to eat lunch.

Atlantic Blanket - so many styles in luxury wools...i can visualise myself wrapped in all the blankets in the store.

Rick Stein's Patisserie - custard tarts in here are so amazing!

Teri Walter - unique home decorating ideas

we went for a walk on the beach every day. summerleaze beach always has surfers in the water, even at the end of october! every single day, from sunrise to sunset you are almost guaranteed at least 3 surfers.

you aren't guaranteed good weather though, BUT it was mild whilst we were there, which was great! it only actually rained once the whole week - during the day that is.

the sunset at the beach is beautiful...

and even on an over cast day, cornwall is still magical, and all the english still leave their houses to walk their dogs on the beach.