Thursday, 26 November 2009

i'm learning to knit...again

me and my mum went to chichester festival theatre the other day to go see an adaptation of pride and prejudice. and before we went in to the theatre we went to do a little bit of shopping... and it was the craft shop that really took our eye; upstairs they had everything you could ever want to craft with, oh my word!

i've been thinking about knitting again for a while, but just haven't got round to actually buying any wool. so, when i saw a huge load of very cheap wool by Robin, i couldn't resist, especially when i saw this beautiful color...

i learnt to knit once before when i was much younger, i had to be an old french woman for a play so there was a bunch of us on the side knitting. i could even do it without looking at it. that's how good i was. i'm picking it up again now, and it really isn't complicated at all, and it didn't take too long to remember which way to loop it and stuff.

perhaps before long i'll learn how to purl..!

this is how far i've actually got...i'll keep you updated on my progress. somedays i do just one row, others i'll manage about ten. maybe i'll be finished before christmas. but i think i'll run out of wool quite quickly as it's a pretty wide scarf!

thanks to Sadie's Wardrobe for the awesome inspiration to actually pick up the needles again!