Saturday, 28 November 2009

a handmade christmas

it's official, i'm making a whole bunch of gifts this year, each with a really unique twist, hopefully. i've done some homemade gifts in the past, but i'm really stepping up a notch this year...

i can't tell you exactly what they are, just in case my family and friends are reading this, because then the gifts won't be a surprise, and we don't want that now do we? but, i can tell you the general areas of things i'm making, and no-one will know who they're for...

  • jams and jellies - delicious first and foremost, but also excellent because they don't have to eat it right away
  • homemade muesli and granola - as part of a breakfast special!
  • pancake mix - a bit of buckwheat flour, a bit of gluten free, some cinnamon and a special sprinkles section, delicious
  • chocolate truffles - i went on a course a while back, on how to make perfect truffles, with a delicious ganache centre. so, i'll definitely be making some of these in the week before christmas
  • cushion covers - i went to Ikea to buy some thick fabric for making cushions, and the prints in there are so much fun, i'm sure everyone will love the cushions. i'm adding some personalisation to it as well, with some peoples initials handstitched on in felt, and some with an individual design
  • aprons - these are really easy to make and accessorise, i've made one for myself in the past, and i love it loads. i especially love that the ties are really long so you can wrap it round and tie a bow at the front!
  • christmas cards - i haven't actually decided on a design yet, although i'm sure i will soon... perhaps i will make them tomorrow!

i've got a couple of other ideas too, but these are the definite ones so far. have you got any good ideas? i've been searching craft blogs for ideas, and actually i find most of my inspiration comes from blogs that don't actually relate to crafts necessarily, like A Field Journal, Design Sponge and Oh Hello Friend.

this last Thursday, I went to the switching on of the Christmas lights in my home town, do you remember? Anyways, it was amazing, super festive with carols and fireworks, and the lights in the town centre are gorgeous. and even though some people were complaining that it felt too early to start getting all christmassy, i disagree, i think it was the perfect way to begin the festive season. (we went for a milkshake afterwards too, i had a raspberry one, yum.)

and to continue with this festive spirit, tomorrow we will be going to the advent procession at our local cathedral, something we have never done, but everyone has said that its the most magical thing ever. and then the weekend afterwards, i'll be making mince pies and christmas decorations, which we'll put up with the tree on sunday! oh, how i love Christmas!!

ps. if you would like me to do tutorials on any of these projects just let me know?