Thursday, 1 October 2009

vaseline eye make up remover

its october! isn't that scary? it's officially autumn here in the uk, with our house feeling cold and everyone starting to get ill again...not me thank goodness :)

anyways, i was watching a YT video about cheap, effective beauty products, (click here to watch) and i thought that the vaseline tip was really interesting, as i have a massive tub in my room that ought to get used up sometime. so i tried it out, and it does actually work really really well.

basically, you just get a little bit of vaseline rub it over your lashes and eyes, then remove it with a washcloth, and it works really well to get everything off, and it feels nice and smooth afterwards too! have a go, you won't be disappointed :)

You know you all want to enter my youtube contest right? :) the prizes video will be loaded really soon i promise...just wait and see!