Wednesday, 16 September 2009

san francisco!

san francisco is a really cool city. it's very chilled and a great place to go out for a meal - they have a ridiculous amount of good restaurants and cafes, as well as Bristol Farms, but lets go into that later.

on our first day in SF we went on a tour of the city with Gray Line, which was not that great, but it did mean we actually got to drive through most of the districts...including Haight Ashbury, Castro, Chinatown, SoMa...and of course the Golden Gate Bridge.

on mission and dolores. totally one of the coolest streets in the whole of SF. if i had to choose somewhere to live it would be here.

going up the twin peaks, for a view of the clouds.

now i honestly thought that these were only in movies, and only super cool schools had them, but...i was so happy to see them EVERYWHERE!

i think you all know what this is...

the trams in SF are cool, although the actual tram lines have a ridiculous long queue...why wait 3 hours to get on? its cool to see the dudes turning the cars though, and there's always something going on in the square by where they turn (near the massive shopping centre on Market street)

So, in conclusion, I loved SF. I wish we'd had more money to do more stuff there would have been awesome to go to the Napa valley and to take a long drive in a VW campervan down to LA (now i'm just getting carried away). But seriously I would love to go back there and see more of California, and go to the places with awesome names like Eureka and Sausalito. LOL.

Oh, and I would seriously hop on a plane just for Bristol Farms, where I had some amazing chilli and sourdough. Which happens to be located in one of the (if not THE) biggest shopping centre in the US.

Bring on the big apple!