Saturday, 12 September 2009

On Board Airplane Diabetic Meals

Hi everyone!

I'm back from my long trip around the globe!

It has been an amazing adventure...I've done loads of amazing things and seen some beautiful sights. There are two things that have super struck me along this trip; the first is architecture, and the second is food. Of course the first can't really apply to diabetes, accept that the more beautiful architecture I walk around and up the better control I have of my sugar levels.

But food. That I can talk about! I found it pretty easy to find healthy things to eat...especially in New York and Sydney. The bigger the city, the greater the choice it seems. I ate kangaroo, tried pretzels, had a Gray's Papaya frank. Mmmm.

But one of the most interesting parts of the food journey has been the on board diabetic meals. I real surprise every time that's for sure!

The best plane food was flying from New York to London Heathrow with British Airways, the final meal of all. I had a herb chicken with cauliflower mash, with a side salad and roll, followed by heaps of summer berries and some dried cherries. Yummy!

The strangest diabetic meals I had were on Qantas. For breakfast on the way to Sydney they gave me chicken, spinach and boiled potatoes. That was so wrong. So wrong. I don't know anyone who has the stomach for boiled potatoes and spinach in the morning. Oh my.

Qantas also gave me white (high GI) rolls, rice and pasta. Strange. Sometimes I felt like I was being given the wrong the vegetarian option (once I got tofu) and other times I thought it was just low fat.

BA were the only ones to actually get it right, to pin the nail on the donkey. Everyone else was far off. Someone should totally have a word with the catering companies to let them know how inappropriate some of the food was. Diabetic food does not have to be boring or uninteresting, it does not have to be boiled and unflavored. Hmm.

There was a definite plus to the whole diabetic meal drama: I was always served before everyone else, which was nice, no matter who the carrier.