Monday, 28 September 2009

hawaiian food delights

hawaii was pretty good food-wise. it had a couple of delights, and was my first real intro into "american" food.

my first thing to say about america, is that however much you try to justify it, mcdonalds still isn't real food, or good for you...i tried, i did try.

the next thing to say would be that pineapples are a very hawaiian thing, and you can go and learn about them on the dole plantation. you can even send a pineapple home, or eat the famous pineapple icecream.

i was so surprised by the number of varieties of pineapple, we just seem to get one in England.

as some of you know, i am diabetic, so I'm always on the lookout for good snacks, and there was one snack throughout the entire trip that really stood out for me...the probar. yum. i know it's the most expensive snack you can buy, but it is totally worth it, especially this one, the koka moka!

then on to fumi's on the north shore for a take away shrimp experience. and oh my word, the butter and garlic shrimp is absolutely delicious. it's just this place by the side of the road in the middle of nowhere (well, sort of) and they grow and cook all the shrimp all day every day for hungry customers. so good.

ok, so the really bad part of the hawaiian experience was the breakfast food in our hotel. it advertised a continental breakfast, and this is what we got...

how scary is the blue bread? oh my word. if you happen to be staying at the Equus hotel in Honolulu, don't expect anything more than some sugary muffins or blue rolls, and a couple of pieces of melon or pineapple, and some dodgy sugary drink. a far cry from anything i would actually call healthy food, or just 'food' for that matter!

in true style we went to the australian steakhouse to eat one night, and i had the wedge salad, and the clam chowder. both of which are not something you get in the uk very often.

what can i say about these things? clam chowder is pretty good, for sure. but i would love to have had the opportunity to try it in a proper restaurant in san fran. and the wedge salad is a pretty sad excuse for a salad, and has not got a lot of veg. i felt horrendous paying the amount i had to pay for this lot of food.

anyway, next time i head to hawaii, i will go to the north shores for sure, and eat out in actual hawaiian places. i need another foodie with me blatantly to really enjoy the experience :)

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