Monday, 14 September 2009

fiji fiji fiji

i was so sad to leave australia, but it had to be done...fiji was calling!

i had an amazing time in fiji! it is such a beautiful place, with really lovely, friendly people :) we did so many cool things, and saw some gorgeous sunsets...really really stunning.

actually the evening that we landed we saw this gorgeous sunset on the beach in newtown:

we went to a little island called south sea can walk around it in 5 minutes. i snorkelled off the beach over the reef and saw some spectacularly colorful fish. and we had a barbeque lunch and relaxed in the sunshine.

we went down to the coral coast and went horseback riding on the beach. it was amazing because the beach was almost totally empty...really tranquil and calm.

we were told to go to the local mud pool, and so we was difficult to find, but worth the effort. the sabeto hot springs are beautiful! i covered myself in mud and then washed off properly in the spring outlets. how relaxing :)

if you ever get the chance to go to fiji, don't say no!