Wednesday, 19 August 2009

the land of the boomerang

Hi everyone!

I have been totally loving being in Oz. It is such a beautiful place, with the nicest people!

We are currently in Brisbane, about to head off to Fiji!! We are totally fretting about spending too much, and about spending too much time is a form of sightseeing right?

So far...I've bought some lovely goodies at Jurlique, bought some gorgeous heels at Zoe Wittner and am now wondering about a belle Country Road bag and a belt too. Underwear from BNT, or a cardigan from Supre. Hmmm.

We are definitely going to have to buy another suitcase :) Tim-Tams and Australian Honey need to go somewhere. Anyway, we are totally looking forward to a nice beach holiday in Fiji and then Hawaii.

Anyways here are some pictures:
- Underwater at the Great Barrier Reef
- At Roma Gardens in Brisbane
- Eating a hotdog at the Farmer's Market in Brisbane