Monday, 24 August 2009

australian food journey : what i ate

we arrived in sydney, and ate at the local fish and chip shop in terrigal called haven seafoods: good fish and chips.

in sydney we went to the casino, and ate at an all you can eat buffet, this was one of my many many plates of food!

breakfast on manly beach: french toast with maple syrup, caramelised banana, fresh strawberries and bacon. i still think about it today.

the farmer's market at manly, some delish fresh produce.
banana bread is like a huge thing in the sydney area it seems. and its perfectly moist and had some added blueberries. yum.

then for a delicious cupcake from the cupcake bakery.

the most amazing cafe: TOFWD has so many delicious healthy options, gluten, wheat, sugar free, you name it. everything's organic too. if you're ever in melbourne, its on degraves street near the train station.
my goodies from TOFWD (The Organic Food and Wine Deli)

kangaroo steak: which i ate at a stop on the great ocean road.

our buffet lunch whilst out on the great barrier reef.
in brisbane: we went to the amazing farmer's market, and had a hotdog. also bought some olives (stuffed with pancetta and sundried tomatoes) and fresh strawberries.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

the land of the boomerang

Hi everyone!

I have been totally loving being in Oz. It is such a beautiful place, with the nicest people!

We are currently in Brisbane, about to head off to Fiji!! We are totally fretting about spending too much, and about spending too much time is a form of sightseeing right?

So far...I've bought some lovely goodies at Jurlique, bought some gorgeous heels at Zoe Wittner and am now wondering about a belle Country Road bag and a belt too. Underwear from BNT, or a cardigan from Supre. Hmmm.

We are definitely going to have to buy another suitcase :) Tim-Tams and Australian Honey need to go somewhere. Anyway, we are totally looking forward to a nice beach holiday in Fiji and then Hawaii.

Anyways here are some pictures:
- Underwater at the Great Barrier Reef
- At Roma Gardens in Brisbane
- Eating a hotdog at the Farmer's Market in Brisbane


Hi everyone!

Some of you might know that I'm currently on a round the world trip, and for those of you that didn't, you do now!!

I am currently in Brisbane, about to head off to Fiji...and I've totally fallen in love with a delicious skincare brand called Jurlique. I'd heard of it before, and I reckon it's really amazing!

The stuff is all natural and organic, and so similar to Dr Hauschka. Apparently the dude that created Jurlique originally worked for Dr H. So there you go. Anyway, I went in and tried out a whole bunch of their products. And I came out with their Balancing Cleansing Lotion and a couple of samples to try.

Its seriously gorgeous stuff :)

And, I've been into an Aesop store too. Another brand I've always wanted to try, but I think the products are a little overpriced for what they are. There are only a couple of things I would consider buying in there. I don't know about you, but I am only willing to spend that kind of money on skincare when its totally organic and natural.

The other thing in the big Oz cities that I've like constantly seen, is MAC stores and counters. There's loads. They keep calling to me. But I've made a decision to only buy MAC when I'm over in San Francisco or NYC. I hope it will be a little cheaper than here. And I think it will be more exciting too.....

Anyways, thanks for reading, hope your summer/winter is going well!!!

Friday, 7 August 2009

travelling with a pump, so far...

i was so worried before i left, and so was the rest of my family, that travelling with patrick (my insulin pump) would be really difficult, what with airport security, time difference and jet lag.

BUT, so far so good. my levels have been awesome, i've managed to find healthy food everywhere we've gone, and have stayed level despite the time differences and hugely long flights with not much sleep.

so much for diabetics having a lower immune system...i feel fighting fit, and although i'm currently running on not much sleep, i feel pretty alert and well!

what i've done is just change the time on my insulin pump once i've got to the next country, so when I arrived in Oz I changed it forward 8 hours.

exercise is definitely making a difference in keeping me level....i must remember to have more regular exercise when i settle back into normality.

and as for the airports, they've hardly noticed, except at Cape Town International where they didn't have a clue what I was talking about, and at Johannesburg where they were pretty rude.

anyways, as always, feel free to ask any questions if you have any queries :)

south african food

there was so much good food in Cape Town. oh yes. here's a little taster...

local lunch stores are super healthy in comparison to the uk - which is awesome!

cafe's serve potato skins, which i've never had in the uk!

hotel breakfasts are a real treat... mmmm

you can eat delicious greek food by the seafront - wowee

and enjoy local cheese and jam whist tasting wines in the valley

be careful not to drink too much! they'll give you lots of glasses...

be sure to try a traditional braai whilst you are there...

and take a trip to melissa's for a slice of cake, it's a beautiful cafe on the waterfront :)

Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Hi everyone! I am in Sydney now...well actually slightly further north in Erina. Its beautiful and warm, even in winter. Watched some pelican feeding in The Entrance today...

And then went to Copacabana...and I wrote this in the sand for everyone to read. Silly moment. But cute eh? That was also the day I wore my Topshop sweater that says I Love You on it. People do look at me strangely...

We went to Haven Beach in Terrigal for fish and chips. And then I went out and checked out the surfers on Manly Beach. Loads of them.