Thursday, 23 July 2009

underarm waxing

ok, this is never anything i would want to admit to doing, but a couple of my friends have asked me questions about it, so i thought it might be useful for you all to know.

waxing underarms is more painful than any other waxing, but if you've had waxing done before then you'll be fine!

i went and had mine waxed at my local beauty therapists for the first time a couple of years ago. i just hate having the shaving shadow, and someone suggested that if i waxed them it would look smooth and hair free for ages. too true.

so anyway, i went, and because i've had everything else waxed i wasn't too worried about it. i just kinda had that fleeting thought of just HOW painful it would be once the wax was on. best to start having a panic then, because you've then only got about 2 seconds before it starts to sting!

anyways, it was so effective, lasted 4 weeks before they started showing through again, amazing! well worth it for £5 i think.

so, i resolved to go back and have it done again and again, but sometimes i just can't stand to grow my underarm hairs to the appropriate length....ew (which is about 0.5cm btw).

eventually i have managed to go several times, and am determined to keep up a better routine. but, i am now also brave enough to wax my own underarms. i know that sounds terrifying to a waxing newbie, but to us oldies we know that the pain subsides loads after the 5th time you wax any area. you just get used to the type of pain i think.

so i get some really cheap mini waxing strips from boots or tesco, and away i go. the thing is it doesn't take that long, and then when the hairs come back they are smaller and easier to take out again.

just make sure that if you do it on yourself you are waxing on clean skin and hairs, which will make them super easy to pull out.

now, enough of such a gross post.

i wish i could afford laser treatment on them, that would be ideal. then i wouldn't have to worry about them more than twice a year!

any questions about waxing i'd be more than happy to answer them!!!