Tuesday, 30 June 2009

i love dresses, yes i do

dresses are the ultimate feminine, sexy clothing choice, yes?

i have been trying and trying to build up a collection of dresses over the past i-don't-know-how-long. and i'm not doing a bad job! i've got 2 dresses coming in the post from ebay :)

go and check out my video about my dress collection, where i show everyone a bunch of dresses from my wardrobe! if you like my channel, please subscribe, its totally free, and would mean a lot :)
this was going to be a post about all the different bloggers i read daily, and my favorite "dresses" posts, but i started browsing and stopped at strawberry koi, who has the best taste in dresses ever. so i figured i didn't need to go anywhere else. plus i spent all my time browsing through her photos, and lost track of time, so there wasn't time to look at anyone elses!

aya at strawberry koi rocks vintage on her amazing blog. all the photos are gorgeous, and its such a great blog to read as well.