Tuesday, 30 June 2009

i love dresses, yes i do

dresses are the ultimate feminine, sexy clothing choice, yes?

i have been trying and trying to build up a collection of dresses over the past i-don't-know-how-long. and i'm not doing a bad job! i've got 2 dresses coming in the post from ebay :)

go and check out my video about my dress collection, where i show everyone a bunch of dresses from my wardrobe! if you like my channel, please subscribe, its totally free, and would mean a lot :)
this was going to be a post about all the different bloggers i read daily, and my favorite "dresses" posts, but i started browsing and stopped at strawberry koi, who has the best taste in dresses ever. so i figured i didn't need to go anywhere else. plus i spent all my time browsing through her photos, and lost track of time, so there wasn't time to look at anyone elses!

aya at strawberry koi rocks vintage on her amazing blog. all the photos are gorgeous, and its such a great blog to read as well.

Monday, 29 June 2009

gluten free cranberry cupcakes

these were a bit of an experiment. but those are often the tastiest finds.

65g margarine
100g sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla essence
65g ground almonds
50g gluten/wheat free flour
2 tsp baking powder
125g frozen cranberries

mix these things together in a bowl! spoon into cupcake cases...enjoy :)

Saturday, 27 June 2009

what i wore + what i'm listening to...

diamond rings - chipmunk
bulletproof - la roux
shake it - metro station
heavy cross - gossip
new in town - little boots
untouched - the veronicas
release me -agnes
i sing i swim - seabear
musicology - the funk groove connection
bluebird of happiness - mojave 3

there's my top 10 songs for june!

Bay Skirt, Jones B Shoes, Primark T, Hat via Ebay, Accessorize Earrings, Random Bracelet, Buxton Bag

Friday, 26 June 2009

cinnamon french toast

mmmm. i may have woken up at 6:30 on a saturday morning. now thats painful. but, i made up for such an early start by having cinnamon french toast.

i used vogels bread, which is kind of seeded wholemeal. its small too, which is perfect for breakfast. its our favorite bread of the moment.

i mixed together 2 eggs, 3 tbsp rice milk, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1tbsp sugar. i beat it with a fork loads and loads, as cinnamon has a tendency to clump in liquid. then dip the bread in the egg mixture, make sure its soaked all the way through, or it will have the wrong texture! you can leave it for 5 mins to be sure it has soaked.

heat a little butter in a frying pan to a medium heat. then fry the bread for a couple mins on either side. cinnamon will burn easily so be careful as to how long you leave it for!

june favorites

a sneak peek into my recipe folder

there's a whole selection of things i've collected over the years. print outs of online recipes i love. typed out recipes from cookbooks. pull outs from food magazines (mostly waitrose food illustrated and good food) and some recipes that have been passed down by my family. as well as successful recipes i've made up!

here's a glimpse:

If you've never checked out simply breakfast, you're missing out! these pics are at the front of my folder for inspiration!

A BBC pull out, and a recipe from my grandma (we call her Farmor...she's Swedish). She makes THE BEST gravy ever! no matter how hard i try to stick to her recipe, it still never tastes the same :)

Thursday, 25 June 2009

summer workday outfit

i know its boring. but, this is what i wore to work today! it was so so soo hot.

Wimbledon Sunglasses, Accessorize Flip-Flops, Topshop Linen Trousers, Jack Wills T, DKNY Watch, Vintage Carnelian Necklace

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

sardines on toast

it might seem gross, weird or cheap to some of you. but i can promise that eating sardines this way is absolutely delicious and nutritious!

So, all you need is a tin of sardines in tomato sauce. Then mash it together with some mayonnaise and some ketchup, spread it on some bread, and put it under your grill!

i had it with a variation on greek salad. i ran out of red onion, so decided to bulk it out with a tin of mixed beans. mmmm.

it totally reminds me of the railway children...not sure why :)

sweet potato, greek salad and quiche

My mum cooked me this delicious meal. And it was the best quiche ever! The sweet potato was perfectly cooked, and the salad was a tasty mix of flavours. Yum :)

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

catwalk style

ok. so i still can't decide on my favorite collection from the aw09 catwalks. its tooooo difficult. here's some more of my favorites:

Tracy Reese - i love this collection for its knee length socks and its mix of silk and wool. oh and the cute little beanies.

Vivienne Westwood - she is fashion. a little crazy at time, but her draping is insanely good, and i love the big messy hair that went down the catwalk.

Akris - dresses + tights = love. plus the entire collection was a gorgeous array of chocolate, black and wine colours.

Balmain - rock chic all the way. so much sparkly black went down the catwalks this season, but i love how balmain did it

DKNY - red and lots of it. structured tailoring all the way.

Chloe - its like vintage couture. beautiful colours and amazing cuts. a lot more hardcore than chloe usually is.

let me know which is your favorite...

can i change my mind?

i actually think i prefer the matthew williamson aw09 show to carolina herrera, the details are stunning. I love the dresses in the middle of the video, which have a central silver panel, and a bodycon style. put you hands up if you wish you could afford anything from this collection...

carolina herrera aw09

Absolutely stunning right?
Carolina's shows are always elegant and feminine, and she always improves. Loads of silk, fur, sparkle, cinched waists, 1940s references, chic updos, cigarette pants, dresses, neutral makeup, tailoring, intensely deep colours and black tights.

Tips on: How To Acheive Flawless Skin

  • Cleanse, tone and moisturise
  • Test the PH (5.5)
  • Drink water + herbal tea
  • Half your plate should be vegetables
  • Eat right
  • Stop touching your face
  • Keep antibacterial hand gel in your bag
  • Embrace oils (proper face oils, like Rose Oil, etc)
  • Exercise
  • Have several weapons of attack for pimples
  • Be hygienic
  • Sleep with your hair off your face
  • Treat oily skin as sensitive skin
  • Avoid cleansing wipes for whole face
  • Do a weekly treatment mask or mini-facial
  • Hormones can wreak havoc, no matter how hard you try!
  • Too many chemicals can mess up your skin
  • Any changes you make in your routine, will take 3 months to take effect. Be patient.

june topshop loves

I trawled the entire Topshop website, and this is everything I love on there at the moment. I wish I could buy all of it. That would be an amazing wardrobe reshuffle!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

jumpsuit style

i love this jumpsuit so much. i was really hesitant when i first got it, as it's quite a statement for me, but after wearing it for a day, and walking the dog in it...i really do love it! its super comfortable, it feels like wearing pjs. i'm going to have to experiment with what i wear with it though, as loads of my stuff just looks plain strange with it :)

Oh, and if you can't remember where it's from, check my previous post about sale shopping! bargain (it was only £2!)

Hope you all had great weekends!

wedding anniversary.

yesterday i had the privelege of going to a wedding and a wedding anniversary. of course there wasn't actually any food at the wedding ceremony, but it was a beautiful occasion.

at the wedding anniversary on the other hand, it was celebrated with a meal in a local pub. a really nice and special occasion for my grandparents 50th.

i pre-chose the smoked salmon and crayfish salad, which as you can see is exactly as it says.

For dessert I had a creme brulee. Naughty of me, but i figured it would be a tiny portion, which it was. my only question is: is creme brulee supposed to be served hot or cold?

Afterwards there was a big cake given to my grandparents, with a 50 and a sugar icing lily on top. It was cut into 24 pieces, and shared out between all the family. Of course, these sort of cakes have ridiculous amounts of sugar in, which meant I had to save it for some sort of action emergency when I needed the energy.

and sure enough, later that evening, i needed a little pick me up so ate the sponge. really not my favorite thing in the world, they tend to be pretty bland, give me some extra lemon and i'd be happy!

wedding + anniversary

i went to 2 b.e.a.uitful occasions yesterday. celebrations of love. the first was a wedding, and the second a wedding anniversary. in order to look spectacularly appropriate, i wore this yellow dress ensemble.

great plains dress, accessorize belt, red herring cardigan, bay earrings, f&f ballerinas, next brown ring, matalan flower ring

here's a picture of my super stylish cousin. oh my word. i didn't manage to get a full length shot of her, but i can promise you it was super trendy! her hair was really beautiful too. (keep telling yourself alissa: i'm not jealous, i'm not jealous, i'm not jealous)

my cousin wore: topshop dress, urban outfitters cardigan (that she borrowed from her boyfriend), dorothy perkins flower hair grips, handmade necklace

Friday, 19 June 2009

french macaroons

simple and delicious. its a wonder that sugar and almonds can make such amazing desserts. not exactly healthy though. but i think if you share them, that'd be cool!

what's in my fridge?

i recently wrote an article on my beauty tips blog about how healthy eating can encourage healthy looking skin, go check it out, and see what my everyday diet consists of too...

what can you spot in the fridge?

♥ here's a little video i made on my youtube channel, so you can look through what's in my fridge:

roadside strawberries

i've always wanted to stop off for strawberries. but never thought it was gonna be worth it. so, when it was at the end of the day, and the strawbs were reduced, i just had to. 50p per punnet, and only one bad one in each box, not bad i thought.

a walk with odin

Odin is my brothers dog, he's a super cute chocolate brown cocker spaniel, but being flown out to Morocco soon... :(

I took him for a huge run around one of our favorite places nearby, an old settlement/fort, with gorgeous views of the countryside.

he's now in need of a bath, because he ran in so much long grass its got stuck to his coat. he was so worn out, he was breathing really heavily. its nice for dogs to get so much exercise. plus he met up with a couple of other dogs and had a good sniff on the way round.

i took my lovely wimbledons on the walk too :)

it was a gorgeous morning, and the sun was in both blue sky and clouds, on and off. there was a small breeze because the place is quite high up...it was relaxing.

next shoes, topshop leggings, next dress, new look jacket, m&s bag, wimbledon sunglasses

eating healthy = beautiful skin

you all know this, but i thought i'd reiterate any way.

good food = good skin

its so true, so so so true. its not someone feeding you a lie to make you eat healthier.

i always notice a huge change in my skin when I am eating healthy and more varied foods. thats a change for the better. but because i eat healthily most of the time, my skin stays in pretty good condition.

about a year ago, i switched to soya milk rather than dairy for breakfast, after reading an excellent book called Healthy at 100 written by John Robbins (of Baskin Robbins). there was so many interesting facts in this book, i couldn't put it down...seriously life changing.

i've always eaten healthy because i have to as i am diabetic. but, there are some interesting things that i have picked up along the way. check out my food blog, not just apples for more about what i eat on a day to day basis.

my diet follows these rules (mostly, but i am not strict strict strict, i will 95% of the time follow these rules):
- i don't eat after 7pm
- i don't eat 'white' carbs, just wholegrains
- i don't drink cows milk
- i don't keep cheese in our fridge, except for goats/sheeps cheese or super low fat cheese (like feta, etc)
- i always eat breakfast
- i eat at least one apple and one banana every day
- i don't drink coffee or tea, i only drink herbal tea (nettle, green with lemon and peppermint are our favorites)
- i don't cook with real sugar, i use fructose, or sweeten with honey/maple syrup
- there's always a million different kinds of frozen vegetables in our freezer

here's a sneak peek into our fridge...what can you spot?:

ps. i am NOT a fussy eater, i eat everything i am given!! i think variety is the spice of life. i'll eat anything...

wholemeal bread and butter pudding recipe

this isn't just any old bread and butter pudding, this is a healthy one! i made it up, after reading the recipe for b&bp in Rachel Allen's Food for Living cookbook.

Here's what i did:

- cut up 1 whole stale wholemeal loaf (it was actually Cranks, in case you want to know!) into triangles with the crusts removed, leave this out in the open to get even staler for about 1 hour
- mushed up 2 large bananas
- diced a handful of pecans
- mixed together 5 eggs, 300ml low-fat cream (Elmlea) and 300ml semi-skimmed milk
- butter two loaf tins
- then its time to start arranging in layers: butter the bread triangles, arrange them in the tin. sprinkle with some mashed banana, drizzle maple syrup and some diced pecans. and a little fructose or muscovado sugar. continue until there's three layers in each tin.
- drench with the egg and milk mixture. push the bread down into it, so it looks like this:

then let it rest in the fridge for at least 1 hour. i have left one of them overnight, to see what the difference is with more time (...updates tomorrow!)

take it out of the fridge and bake it in the oven at 180c for 45 mins. or until golden.

there's a similar recipe on the following page:

of course, using wholemeal is a healthier option, but because the bread i used wasn't so light and fluffy it was a bit stodgy. hey well. next time i will either use a shop-bought (!!!!) loaf thats super light and fluffy but still wholemeal. or i'll make my own with a mix of wholemeal and gluten-free flours. That way the colour will be better as well. it does look a bit odd.

you could make it with soya cream and milk too, but i think you'd have to add a lot of sweeteners. the other way to make it sweeter would be to use some vanilla sweetened rice or soya milk. that would be delicious.

you could add anything you want, not necessarily maple syrup and pecans. raisins? vanilla essence? berries? yum. yum.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

i wish i lived in river cottage

I just finished watching the latest episode of River Cottage...I love it so much! I so wish I lived there. It really does make me want to have my own  farm, growing as much food as possible, and having some animals to look after as well. In my dreams, I live somewhere like that, near the sea and with lots of eco technology so that maybe it even starts to sell electricity back to the board. With a little log fire, and a huge Aga in the kitchen.

But the closest I come to actually being there is reading the book. The River Cottage Cookbook is full of tasty recipes for natural and healthy dishes. All with a delicious twist, obviously! In proper Hugh FW style.

Its inspirational, as well as giving loads of information about self-sufficient living. Even if it is a little pretentious at times, the photography and tasty recipes make it a brilliant recipe book.

there are far too many meat recipes in the book for my liking really, and not nearly enough veg recipes to satisfy my cravings. although it's not a go-to book for everyday, it's interesting to read all the information he has about growing food and raising animals, how to prepare and how to cook; it's a very practical guide for anyone who enjoys dreaming about this type of lifestyle, and for those who are already on the path to self-sufficiency.

i love the sales

i went shopping yesterday. i wasn't supposed to...but i couldn't resist. clothing store bay trading closed yesterday, and all its stock was super reduced, like super reduced.

for only £7.50 (!!!!!!!) i bought these 4 things, which should have cost me £80:

oh and the very reason i went into town: my prescription sunglasses, which means i can now see in the sun without having to wear contact lenses. they're wimbledon frames, which are simple, classic and chic (in my opinion!)

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

online vintage shopping

I recently saw a post by Isabelle at Bohemian Musings, which lead me to Spanish Moss Vintage. All of the clothes on their site are beautiful, as well as unique. And not ludicrously expensive either...check them out.