Wednesday, 20 May 2009

gluten free, wheat free, egg free cookies

ok, so these rose a bit more than cookies should do, but that just meant that they were light and fluffy, and that isn't a bad thing. we just might have to call them mini cakes instead.

i made the quantities up as I went along, but here's what I used:
margarine, fructose sugar, maple syrup, milk, gluten/wheat free flour, baking powder.

- start by mixing some margarine with the sugar. beat it until its pale and creamy.
- add a couple of dashes of maple syrup, and a drop of milk. mix it all up, until it looks kinda glossy.
- add a little bit of baking powder. then add in the flour bit by bit, mixing after each addition until well combined. the final batter should be between dropping consistency and dough (too much flour and it will be too dry, so be careful)
- drop them onto a greaseproof tray (flatten with a fork for more cookie shaped results!) and bake in the oven at 180c until golden.
the only bad thing about these biscuits is that they were really crumbly because there was no egg in them. maybe egg replacer or something similar might do the trick!

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