Saturday, 16 May 2009

Diabetic Retinopathy

Scary thing arrived in the post today. It was a letter from my NHS doctor stating that I MIGHT have background retinopathy.

Which is weird because when the guy looked at the screen to check if there was any damage, he didn't seem too concerned, and I thought it looked exactly as it usually does.

Anyways, I think this has given me a little kickstart into exercise again. And more regular sugar level testing.

I have just come back from a holiday in Italy, where my sugar levels were all over the place. Not good. Probably because I was eating too late, and eating way too much fat as well.

So, now I am heading out for a walk with the dog. To clear my head, work out what practical steps I can take to reverse the retinopathy (as much as is possible) and then I am going to make sure I book myself an appointment with the screening clinic for next year.

Oh, and check up with my optician so he can see what the overall condition of my eyes are. Because, everything is linked and I just want to be sure.

The letter says that there's nothing I need to worry about, there is no treatment at this stage, just simply to keep a good control of my sugar levels. Which could be interesting given I am heading off on holiday again in a week.

I know that laser treatment is the best cure at more advanced stages, but lets hope I don't get that far. Come on Patrick, help me out here! Exercise and low GI foods are going to be more important than ever...

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