Sunday, 17 May 2009

carried away with ebay...

i am totally addicted to ebay again. its one of those things. i have zilch money, so i reckon that maybe i'll spend less if i buy stuff on ebay, and I do. but because i buy so much i think i probably spend as much as i would regularly. but i do get waaaaayyy more for that money.

i only hope that the stuff arrives before i head off to greece this week. i bought a bunch of dresses and some cute necklaces....and come cardigans and an american apparel skirt. oh dear. i can only hope that they fit, or that they're too big so I can take them in.

anyway, i will give you some pictures when it arrives, hopefully!

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meanwhile if anyone knows of any amazing cheap vintage/thrift stores in the south of the uk, please let me know! i am dying to find a gem somewhere so I can shop shop shop (not that ebay isn't enough!)

i am really trying to use my sewing machine more and more, but I don't seem to be getting far. i need some nice fabric, and some excellent buttons and trimmings. i spy a trip to London coming. the little S town has only one fabric shop, which is really only made for making curtains or pillow cases.