Thursday, 30 April 2009

River Island Shorts - Yum!

I have found the perfect pair of shorts!

This has been a personal mission of mine for so long. Although I am quite slender, I always reckon I have a fairly big hotpants are a no go, and most shorts are a little too tight around the back, hmmm, not attractive.

Anyways, so as I am short on money as well (like the pun?) I thought I would have a look on ebay, as I figured it was probably a good time of year to find shorts there. And I was right. I always like it when that happens!

There were hundreds of pairs of denim shorts in a 10, like loads. And several of which I actually would consider wearing too! I bid on 3, and won 1. Woo!

Anyways, so they are the most amazing fit ever. They are in dark denim, which is going to continue looking stylish forever, and are so well fitted at the back I can't even describe. Hey well I'll try: there's a sewn in panel at the back so that it actually is fitted for someone with curves, plus its got more fabric at the back than the front, so it actually finishes just at the top of my thigh under my booty.

Plus its got a cute zebra print inside, studs and pocket details that are subtle, not in your face. And the material is really soft cotton denim, not hardcore at all.

I hope there'll be loads of photos of me wearing these on holiday in a fortnight....stay tuned.