Thursday, 30 April 2009

River Island Shorts - Yum!

I have found the perfect pair of shorts!

This has been a personal mission of mine for so long. Although I am quite slender, I always reckon I have a fairly big hotpants are a no go, and most shorts are a little too tight around the back, hmmm, not attractive.

Anyways, so as I am short on money as well (like the pun?) I thought I would have a look on ebay, as I figured it was probably a good time of year to find shorts there. And I was right. I always like it when that happens!

There were hundreds of pairs of denim shorts in a 10, like loads. And several of which I actually would consider wearing too! I bid on 3, and won 1. Woo!

Anyways, so they are the most amazing fit ever. They are in dark denim, which is going to continue looking stylish forever, and are so well fitted at the back I can't even describe. Hey well I'll try: there's a sewn in panel at the back so that it actually is fitted for someone with curves, plus its got more fabric at the back than the front, so it actually finishes just at the top of my thigh under my booty.

Plus its got a cute zebra print inside, studs and pocket details that are subtle, not in your face. And the material is really soft cotton denim, not hardcore at all.

I hope there'll be loads of photos of me wearing these on holiday in a fortnight....stay tuned.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Lidl's Haul

OK...So I love discovering tasty and healthy goodies in big superstores that are quite often filled with rubbish. Lidl's have the most delicious looking fruit juices I have ever seen, especially at such a good price.

So I bought some Vitafit Multivitamin Fruit Juice - it has no added sugar, so I am allowed to drink it! + there are no preservatives in it.

The next amazing find was Soywell chocolate soya drink, which has very little sugar, no dairy and very little fat...absolutely amazing. Tastes incredible too!
My absolute favorite thing to get from Lidl is their huge buckets of greek yogurt. It is so creamy, and its 10% fat, but it is only pure yogurt, no added rubbish. Goes great with fruit and on my muesli in the morning.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Makeover on my Mum

I have recently done a makeover on my Mum. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out...

Kandee's Diet & Fitness

Check out this video of how one youtuber stays in shape...Nutiva Diet Hemp Shakes are her answer. I am gonna see if I can buy these in my local health food shop, and give them a go.

I will keep you updated.

Meanwhile, I tried to make a crumble without butter the other day, we didn't even have any spread in the house either. Complete disaster. I would totally recommend just some soya butter or anything similar to use to crisp up the topping. It went into this soggy mess of muesli, it still tasted ok but the texture was all wrong wrong wrong.

Enjoy Healthy Eating

Well, as this is my first post, I had better tell you what the point of this blog is... Really its to do with how to eat healthily, and ENJOY it.

A huge load of people will think of healthy food as being unappetising, weird or bland. But its so not true. You just need some imagination and a pretty good health food shop near you!

I will be reviewing some of the different health food products that I try, and telling you about some of my favorite, and my not so favorite recipes that I have tried or come up with.

So, watch out for photos, videos and recipes...

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Vaseline Overnight Face Mask

Ok. So I know it sounds absolutely crazy, but last night I put Vaseline on my cheeks. I actually did.

Throughout most of yesterday I was getting frustrated with my skin. The t-zone was looking bumpy again; serves me right for changing my routine, after I had found the perfect one! But I just had to try out this new facial wash that I made, after which my skin was dramatically dried out, bad bad plan to use anything with the word saponified in it.

And, as you may well know, when my skin dries out, it acts out. So, I had my first spot in two weeks appearing on my chin, and a whole bunch of bumps on my forehead, and significantly dried out cheeks. So,my first thought was Sudocream, which I popped on my t-zone.

Yet, I felt a bit funny about leaving out my cheeks, especially as they were so dry. Vaseline came to mind, because one of my good friends is addicted to the stuff, she puts it everywhere. So, I thought, why not give it a try. So I spread it all over my cheeks.

Just to be sure that it didn't just go all over my pillow, but actually went into my face, I promptly tied my hair up as high as I could and as securely as poss.

I managed to fall asleep laying on my back, rather than sideways...I must have been super tired, as that hasn't happened in forever.

And this morning, I woke up to more even looking skin. Actually. Truly.

Petroleum jelly is my knew favorite find for an overnight face mask. It is a barrier like Sudocrem, so it will enable the skin to work its own magic. Hey well, I am going to try this again sometime. Why don't you have a go, and tell me what you think!

I reckon its about time I stopped trying new products, then my face my settle down, and RELAX.

Friday, 24 April 2009

New York Style

alissa loves
alissa loves by alissaevelyn featuring Kate Moss jackets

I am a huge fan of Kate Moss jackets from Topshop, I have last seasons navy jacket, and am longing after this 50s black version!

I am also currently trying to work out what outfit I am going to take with me to New York this year...its so exciting choosing something to wear. But so daunting too; after all NYC is the world capital of fashion!

What I have decided is to make sure I have something comfortable to wear for the first day of sightseeing, and then to shop for new outfits for the other days. A little risky, but I would rather buy more in NY than buy before I go.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Updated Skin Care Routine

Hi everyone!

I love finding a routine that really works for me, and its been absolutely ages since I have found one that I love!

Dr Hauschka, Rio Rosa Mosqueta Oil and a bit of Tea Tree are my current best friends. We'll see how the relationship pans out...

Friday, 17 April 2009

New Loves: The Outnet & Yumi

Ok. Confession time. I have just come back from holiday in Cornwall (where we had remarkably good weather...perhaps all of C's sunshine for the whole year!) and I bought two new dresses. One from a cute boutique in Padstow called Fusion, and another from Yumi - or yummy as I have come to know it...the clothes are so delicious!

St. Ives has a couple of cute boutiques with new design stock, as well as the usual surfer stores. But there are two important stores, Cath Kidston - its so huge! and Yumi - again so huge!

The only other Yumi store I have ever been to is in Bath, as well as checking out their collection on I love how individual Yumi is, and how cult the label has become. The dress I bought is so cute, its a dark floral print mini with a scarf/tie like detail.

My cousin bought a marked down silver coat. Wowee! So perfect. It had a paint stain on one shoulder, which she managed to take it with just 20 mins worth of warm water scrubbing. Total bargain, it looks so perfect on her too.

And to my surprise when I got back home from my hols I got the email saying that was now online. For those of you that don't know, or haven't heard this online portal is the ultimate in online sales stores. It is the net-a-porter sales department, but permanent. You can find all top clothes and accessory designers like 3.1 Philip Lim and Bottega Veneta.

Haven't bought anything yet...but maybe soon!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Dr Bronner's Castile Soap and a bit of Rio...

Just got in the post yesterday my new product to sample...Dr Bronner's Unscented Baby Mild Soap. And so far, I love it!

The packaging is super sweet, with loads of writing all over it, with little quotes from Shakespeare, as well as a brief (very) history of the company. This product looks really nice next to my other ones on the bathroom shelf.
The ingredients are suprisingly mild: Water, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Glycerin, Hemp Oil, Jojoba Oil, Citric Acid and Vitamin E. Mostly organic of course, and the entire thing is fairtrade too. I used this last night as a cleanser, mixed with a little bit of water, this stuff is gonna last for ages. I might try mixing it with some essential oils and water to see what its like....Potentially the best cleanser ever!?!

I also got some Rio Rosa Mosqueta oil in the post from ebay too! I dotted this on my face, then massaged it in. I only needed a tiny amount. Its such a gorgeous oil, so so so light, which makes a nice change. But it was really expensive, you certainly get what you pay for though...I woke up this morning with really soft skin.
I have also ordered some different, cheaper oils and essential oils from Naturally Thinking. I will tell you what they are like once I get back from holiday. Yes, thats right, I am taking a break! Cornwall with the family should be so much fun!


I am going to Cornwall with the family tomorrow, and am currently trying to figure out what to pack. As always I have checked the weather report for the coming week, and all I can see is rain; the only variation is the difference between whether its light or heavy rain!

This is kind of to be expected, I only hope we see a little bit of sunshine at some point! Thats why its usually better to go ABROAD on holiday, where sunshine and heat is slightly more guaranteed...! I am so sure that we'll still have so much fun :)

So my packing essentials for this holiday are:
- a raincoat - one I bought in Topshop last year, its got a waist drawstring and its dark navy blue. I don't reckon raincoats are ever going to be sexy, but this comes pretty close.
- Caudalie grape water - I can only hope it comes in the post today, so I can actually have it for holiday. This is so nice to spritz whilst travelling in the car for ages, or after having been sat for ages.
- Chocolate Raisins & Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans - Snacks are super important, especially when there is so much rain. These are my favourite things to nibble atm, I just can't get enough!
- Herbal Teabags - I am just recovering from a cold, so it's super important to have some non-dairy drinks available on holiday. Nettle, peppermint and chamomile are my current favourites. Yum!
- Next Skinnies - my new skinny jeans from Next fit so perfectly, I won't be leaving the house without them packed in my suitcase!

I hope you all have a fantastic Easter! Don't eat too much chocolate...;)