Sunday, 29 March 2009

London Style

So I went to London yesterday evening, and oh my word! I love London so much...I wish I lived there.

Me and my family went to Garbo's, a Swedish restaurant that serves amazing food! I had avocado and prawns to start, followed by Swedish salmon with dill potatoes. Yum! We had a Princessetorte for dessert, its the most tasty birthday cake has layers of sponge, with cream between....its probably more cream than anything else actually :) it has marzipan topping, and this one had marzipan roses on too!

I always find it difficult to decide on what to wear to London, so I just wore a grey dress I had from Gap, a green wrap cardigan from Topshop, leggings (again from Topshop) and some cute flat petrol suede boots from Clarks.

I kind of wish I had worn something more dressy, but at least I was comfortable! Turns out we didn't even walk that much, so I could've worn heels, but never mind.

We drove past so many amazing stores, which I so wish I could have gone in. Plus, a whole bunch of places that I have never properly visited. Like Big Ben, the Palace, Hyde Park...and I wish I could stay at the Dorchester one time (it is at its cheapest £215 per night, and thats without tax too).

It was not so exciting to go to London when there were so many tourists, as the style ratings drop way down. Its goodbye to the super heights of couture and hello jeans, trainers and pac-a-macs.

Well, at least the views didn't disappoint. The view from Waterloo Bridge is incredible! I wish the taxi had been going slower so I could have properly looked at it. I think I need to spend a week in London to do everything I haven't done yet (it's going to be a lot of fun deciding on outfits to take with me for that!)

Anyways, if you haven't been for a while, then just go. There's such an amazing vibe there, it is truly worth every moment of your time!