Tuesday, 12 September 2006

Diabetes Care - Checking your blood glucose

Checking your blood glucose is essential to good diabetes control. I have found that the more often you check your blood glucose, the better the control. This does make sense, as the more often you check your level, the tighter grasp you have on what it is, and the more often you can adjust your level.

For instance, if you check your level at 9am when you wake up and it is say 9mmol then you can adjust this at your ratio with your bolus for breakfast. After 2 hours, at 11am, check your level again. This could reveal that your level has remained at 9mmol or whether it has gone down. This should also help in knowing if there is something wrong with your infusion set or if there is a bubble in the tubing. It can alert you to problems that you may not otherwise notice until your next meal.

These are all helpful things to do if you want to avoid complications of diabetes (which can be strongly recommended!).

Checking your blood glucose