Saturday, 29 April 2006

Colour Me Beautiful

I recently went to a Colour Me Beautiful consultant to have a colour analysis.

I would absolutely recommend this to anyone that hasn't already had their colours done. Even if you think your know what colours best suit you, you could be totally wrong, I know my mum, my aunt and me were totally wrong! I was pleasantly surprised at all the new colours I could wear, and I don't miss buying the colours I can't. I still wear most of the colours I used to have, but wear a scarf or necklace in the right colours so as to compliment my colours. I would definetely say that if you have the money (roughly £75 for a 1 hour 30 mins session) then go for it!

In the colour consultation you get a make-up lesson, a free 42 colour swatch booklet, total colour and style analysis. It was really great to take home with me the swatch book, now I can pop it out when I am in a shop to make sure that I am buying the right colour for me. It was also great to have my make-up done professionally (although I used to do this for Body Shop) as each different firm has their own way of looking at make-up this can change the look of your overall look immediately.

Go to for a further look into where your nearest consultant is. And all the other services that they provide.

Colour Me Beautiful